EUROLTA Teacher Training

All on Board is the only accredited institution that offers the EUROLTA Certificate in Berlin.

The next course begins Saturday, 29 September. Deadline for applications is 17 September. For more information see EUROLTA Course Description and Dates.

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EUROLTA  - European Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults

What is it?

EUROLTA is an internationally recognized teacher training program, developed and certified by ICC (the international language association) and recognized by International Language Network and other organizations. The EUROLTA is an initial qualification in the teaching of languages to adults based on the communicative approach and other modern teaching methods.

The certification is based on the evaluation of the participants’ work in a portfolio (assessed externally) which contains samples of their work as well as written records of observed teaching sessions. Participants acquire the knowledge and skills needed to plan, carry out, and evaluate their language classes.

Those completing the course will have demonstrated knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Language awareness, language learning processes, language teaching, lesson planning and evaluation, language and culture, self-assessment of teaching.

Why take it?

To gain the skills and knowledge to teach a language to adults.

To become a confident and competent language teacher.

To increase employment opportunities..

Who can take it?

Prospective teachers with little or no language teaching experience .

Language teachers who wish to formally learn practical teaching skills.

Why is the EUROLTA different?

The EUROLTA is open to teachers of any language.

The EUROLTA caters to the different situations that teachers work in.

The EUROLTA is based on practical teaching principles that apply in a variety of learning situations.

What kinds of courses are there?

All on Board currently offers the EUROLTA in face-to-face formats both as intensive and extensive courses.

What is the ICC?

The ICC (the international language association) brings training institutions and individuals from different countries and cultures together. ICC sets standards for an international network of language learners, language teachers and language researchers.

What is the format?

The EUROLTA offers only the Extended course (certification stage) with a total of 100 training units (à 45 minutes). Candidates submit a portfolio with four written tasks and the written records of an observed teaching session. Portfolios are examined and evaluated by external assessors.

The language of instruction is either English or German and is specified in the description for each course.

Extensive courses take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00-16:00, once a month for six months.

Intensive courses take place on Mondays-Fridays from 9:00-14:30 for 4 weeks.

How much does it cost?

The total price for the course and certification process is €1400. A non-refundable deposit of €250 is payable upon registration. Accommodation is not included in the price and is to be arranged by participants directly.

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